The Trap at Pelston

The team has been asked to travel to the Pelston mines where a large shipment of iron ore is being readied per the king’s orders. however, the ore has already been secretly shipped and instead, General Devereaux has planned an ambush to find and stop whoever is behind all the animal attacks of late.

Shipment to Carston
Log Jam

The team needed to secure a workers permit with the woodcutters guild but had trouble because the Guild Cheif, Turlow, was not coooperative.

- The team discoverd that a young man they had met in Salidar, Carlson, was the source of the problem. He was Druden’s son who had gotten Turlow’s daughter pregnant and fled Murandy in fear for his life. Turlow’s daughter helped the team get the contract when they told her how to find him.

- Once the team had the contract they boarded a boat and followed the lumber down the Trakand river towards Carston. They met their guide, Sully, who captained the ship. Along the way they encountered a trap, Badjas had built a dam and ambushed the team on the water. Another strange occurence considering, like Lizardfolk, Badjas were normally peaceful and reserved creatures.

- After the team defeated the Badjas and broke up the dam they arrived in Carston where they met General Devereaux, the commanding officer of Western Andor and the Cheif envoy in charge of securing the Sun Throne’s supply chains. The team also discovers that Sully is a soldier who was working undercover to try to find out why all the strange animal attacks were happening.

- The team learns that there is clearly someone behind these attacks, manipulating these creatures to attack the Andoran supply chains. The team is asked to go to Pelston with Captain Sullivan and be a part of a planned trap to find and stop whoever is behind these attacks.

Murandy Marsh Grass
LIzardfolk Problem

- The team was recruited in the port of Salidar by the Andoran government to work as hired swords

- Their first assignment was to head southeast to the city of Murandy, a 2 day journey by stagecoach, and help the local magistrate.

- In Murandy the team met Magistrate Druden who is upset with how much of an increase the crown has been asking for in raw materials cultivated in this part of Andor.
– The two main resources are wood from the Darkhawk Forest and Marsh Grass

- The team is asked to head down to the marshes and find out why the local plantation owner will not release the latest shipment.

- Once there they discovered that the plantation owner’s daughter had been taken captive by Lizardfolk, normally peaceful creatures. The team went into the swamp, fought the Lizardfolk, and rescued the girl.

- After this Druden asked the team to help with the shipment of lumber being sent up north to Carston. This would require interacting with the woodcutters guild.

1-1: Ocean Journey To Taravale
The Beginning

- Group heard about adventuring possibilities over the Aryth Ocean in a land called Taravale.

- Gathered information and found a captain that would get them there.

- They hired out a ship and sailed three months, landing at the port city of Salidar in the nation of Andor. (Fought pirates on the way)


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