Murandy Marsh Grass

LIzardfolk Problem

- The team was recruited in the port of Salidar by the Andoran government to work as hired swords

- Their first assignment was to head southeast to the city of Murandy, a 2 day journey by stagecoach, and help the local magistrate.

- In Murandy the team met Magistrate Druden who is upset with how much of an increase the crown has been asking for in raw materials cultivated in this part of Andor.
– The two main resources are wood from the Darkhawk Forest and Marsh Grass

- The team is asked to head down to the marshes and find out why the local plantation owner will not release the latest shipment.

- Once there they discovered that the plantation owner’s daughter had been taken captive by Lizardfolk, normally peaceful creatures. The team went into the swamp, fought the Lizardfolk, and rescued the girl.

- After this Druden asked the team to help with the shipment of lumber being sent up north to Carston. This would require interacting with the woodcutters guild.



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